The white frame collection

IMPREINT - The white frame collection

The white frame collection

Adaptation of artworks on charity shop frames
Variable, biggest 594 x 841 mm | 23.4 x 33.1 in approx.
Open series of unique artworks (currently 107 pieces)
2010 on

‘I had originally envisaged framing some of my artwork uniformly, but couldn’t afford it. Consequently, I started looking at these vast quantities of frames in charity shops and became enamoured with their imperfections and history. The dust, the smell and the varied works that they housed felt like they told a story. I began collecting them, and painting them all with an equally imperfect style, adapting my works to the frames and making them a focus of the work.

I very much enjoy revisiting this collection, and am thankful to the circumstances that necessitated this process.’