I love you

IMPREINT - I love you

I love you

Markers on paper
297 x 210 mm | 11.9 x 8.3 in
Edition of 100 unique pieces

For some years I had wanted to express my great affection for this beautiful creature that came into my life. Of course, at one point or another, we will all form part of or experience the sadness associated with loss.

A series of attempts at capturing my feelings expressed too great a sadness and failed to capture the joy I felt. As we all do with those loved and lost, we rarely wish to reflect on them see them as a source of sadness, but rather of happiness in celebration of that opportunity of shared experience and existence.

There is something in the simplicity of childlike drawing, and indeed the sensation we feel as children with colouring books… one of personal input and connection, of limitlessness and spontaneity that evoked the happiness that I had for so long wanted relive and to capture.’